Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for visiting LBFG. Here’s a collection of our frequently asked questions. If your question is not answered below, simply reach out to us through email, call us or stop by and visit us!

We differentiate ourselves though our holistic approach. Amalgamating the profession of accounting with that of investments and insurance we are able to have a better understanding of our clients situation. The more we know and understand our clients the easier it becomes to put in place strategies that align with our clients objectives while remaining tax efficient. 

Also, being independent allows us to ensure that we are providing our client with the best possible product at the right price, avoiding many of the proprietary sales tactics found at large financial institutions.

While each client situation is different, we do recommend a minimum semi-annual review to ensure that there is no material change to our clients situation. Most clients are met on a quarterly basis while all of our clients receive our monthly digital newsletter which keeps them informed with industry news and developments.

As like many other businesses, the pandemic has changed the way we conduct our business. What is important to us is that we service our clients in the manner that is preferable to them. Therefore, we meet clients through video conference (zoom), at their homes or at our offices all while respecting the health and safety guidelines put in place by our provincial government.

Latella & Bastone Financial Group is licensed throughout Canada. Therefore, we are licensed to work with clients in all Canadian provinces to help with both their insurance and investment needs.