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Insurance Solutions, Investment Management, Estate Planning and Tax Planning

The founders of LBFG, Anthony Latella and Anthony Bastone were friends from a young age. They independently advanced their knowledge and careers in the financial industry, identifying their niches within the broad world of finance and accounting. Anthony Latella focused on insurance and investing, while Anthony Bastone specialized in accounting and estate planning. 

Upon realizing that two heads are often better than one, they decided to combine their expertise, creating the ultimate financial group and business partnership. They were able to leverage their existing networks to create an extensive database filled with unbiased advice and options to best fit their clients’ needs. Together, they are able to create a well-rounded plan for each client, leaving no stone unturned. 

Quebec Based Financial Group

Our Services

Personal+Corporate Tax Planning

Our knowledgable and dedicated team works with clients to help them understand the value and benefits of the tax strategies we put in place.

Insurance Solutions

Whether you are looking to provide for your family, protect your wealth or increase the valuation of your estate, Latella & Bastone is here to assist you.

Investment Management

Through our strategic partnership with Manulife Securities Inc. our clients have access to experienced and professional investment team.

Estate Planning

Our dedicated team of specialists and legal experts help guide and consult clients through the emotional chapter of estate planning.

Our Financial Network

Latella & Bastone’s mission is to help our clients with actionable solutions that improve their personal and financial wellbeing while creating lasting relationships built on trust, honesty and professionalism.

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